Moving Into

Authentic & Extraordinary

How to find Authenticity, Connection, Balance and Trust

Slovenian Intensive Training (SIT) in

Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Embodiment & Movement


(3. – 10. July 2021)

Ribnica na Pohorju - Slovenia
up to 24 participants - 2 trainers
7 day retreat - full board

Moving Into Authentic & Extraordinary Relationships is a 7 days residential retreat.

You are especially welcome to this magical, life-changing event if you seek for personal transformation, tools and essence of how to use your spoken language and body to make consciousness of feelings and needs, enabling you to:

  • deeply connecting to yourself and others,
  • finding balance, authenticity and trust in your life,
  • removing past pain and let go of beliefs and patterns that don’t serve you any more,
  • bringing into your lives more joy, ease, fullness, awareness and bits of “magic”,
  • support both professional and intimate relationships into the next level.

We are open to receive 24 people from different background and personal development paths, yet this intensive training may bring you additional value and resources if you:

  • come as a couple, yet all individuals with the willingness to improve their professional or intimate partnerships are welcome,
  • are facilitator, teacher, trainer, coach, therapist or other specialist dealing with personal and relationship support services.

The training is based in NVC – Nonviolent Communication and supported with movement practices such as Authentic Movement and Contact Improvisation.
It is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

We can imagine how life-changing this event can be, especially as this is the second event of this type held this year. At the same time it is very important for us, to organize this event only in case it is safe and legal and currently it is so. We will keep track of Covid-19 restrictions and let you know about any changes promptly. In case this event is canceled or the travel restrictions from your country will prevent you from joining us, you are entitled to a full refund.    

Facilitators and Trainers: prof. Javor Škerlj Vogelnik and dr. Dmitriy Kopina.

We would like to welcome you to this special retreat which we carefully designed for:
– couples and individuals wiling to change in the purpose of higher quality of life and building extraordinary relationships

– trainers, coaches, therapists, facilitators and other specialist dealing with individuals and groups in well-being, personal development and healing processes

There are no prerequisites in terms of previous knowledge. We welcome people new to Nonviolent Communication, and embodied practices as well as advanced practitioners and trainers, with the intention and willingness to deepen their already abundant skills and experiences with the Language of Life, Movement and Embodiment. You might wish to join this retreat if you are interested into achieving better understanding, cooperation, efficiency or mutual respect in both communication and your relationships.

Please feel most welcome even if you have no experiences with Nonviolent communication whatsoever. There will be additional support from trainers Dmitriy and Javor and lots of opportunities for learning and getting support from more experienced participants. Our group diversity will bring additional aliveness into the focused learning process and invite direct application of the teachings.

Below are some of the topics you will be invited to explore during this retreat. 

Topics related to intimate relationships:

  • What matters most to me?
  • How can I more fully live in alignment with my values?
  • Speaking and listening to my loved ones in ways that inspire compassion
  • How to connect to your feelings in an embodied approach?
  • How can I be guided by the principles of Nonviolent Communication while being true to my own authentic expression?
  • How do I interact with my children, friends and intimate partners in ways that are authentic to me, yet connecting in all the different contexts?
  • How to use our beliefs to support me and how to let go the ones that do not support life in me anymore?
  • Develop the concrete skills of nonviolence leading to reconciliation with ourselves and our family members,
  • How to facilitate reconciliation when you are part of the conflict?
  • How to facilitate reconciliation when you are not part of the conflict?
  • How can we engage with conflict in ways that make us all more secure?
  • Can we find the beauty in conflict?
  • How can I use my body as an authentic communication tool?
  • How can I use body touch in a trustful and authentic way to express myself without using words?
  • How we use the inteligence of our bodies to get in touch with our feelings and needs?
  • How can we use movement as tool to express our feelings and met and unmet need?
  • How to explore different body landscape thru dance and movement?
  • How can I use my body to communicate in NVC?
  • Embodied tools and approaches to connect deeply with the body and the life in me.

Topics related to professional work:

  • A quality of listening that inspires connection.
  • Expressing yourself in ways that inspire collaboration.
  • How do I interact with my partner na people that matter most in my life?
  • How do i facilitate / initiate personal change for patients / customers?
  • How to establish and maintain my inner connection in supportive and constructive way? 
  • How can I make a difference in my professional relationships to bring about more collaboration and ease in getting along?
  • Discover how to come back to centre when upset and deliver authentic body and mind responses,
  • Explore individual and systemic options for use of NVC and embodiment within conflict situation,
  • How to co-create restorative systems in the professional working environment
  • Leadership with shared power and shared resources using your body and mind,
  • How to build trust in relationship with your customers,
  • Mediation processes using NVC,
  • Efficiency at work place and care for patients/customers,
  • How to structure and lead inspiring workshops using Movement and NVC,
  • How can I give and receive honest and caring feedback. 
Language: English
Translation: into Slovene if needed


Trainers and organizers 

    Javor Škerlj Vogelnik

    Javor Škerlj Vogelnik

    Certification trainer candidate with the International Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)

    Javor is a professor of Sport Science with many years of work experiences in the field of sports. In the last years he is actively working as a communication trainer in corporate environment, universities, youth and social centers and other organizations.

    He is also passionate in offering conflict resolution support to individuals and groups as well as facilitating residential intensive trainings of nonviolent communication where he enjoys to incorporate also movement practices. For him NVC represents a bridge towards a deeper connection to self and others. He especially enjoys its practical application into everyday life and relationships. His other passions are wood art, music and dance. 




    dr. Dmitriy Kopina

    dr. Dmitriy Kopina

    Certified trainer with the International Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)

    Dmitriy is being human at first and finding precious gift of Life in him and any other living being, thru connection and empathy, is the main aim of Life in him.

    Deeply connected with mother Nature he is in his quest toward exploration, joy, grow, care, love and admiring the beauty of needs and feelings Life brings to us.

    His life mission and purpose involve activities that are supporting individuals finding their authenticity, fullness of life and awareness; connecting people together, building “power with” communities based on equality of all needs and using forms of communication and full embodiment to support connecting individuals and groups into their essence, consciousness and spirituality.

    Working as trainer, expert, adviser, manager, father and a teacher for over 30 years, he is keen in exploring and sharing life with others. 


    What participants of our previous NVC events say about us 

    If you would like to know more what some of the participants of SIT NVC 2020 event held in July 2020 have to say about it, please watch this 7 minute video below.

    Participants of SIT NVC in July 2020

    video testimonials

    “The IIT was for me a very intense time of diving into life. Meaning that I really felt all kind of feelings as I went on my journey of learning and growing. I got nourished in so many ways and now my tanks are full with life energy. Thanks to everybody that was there with me.

    Alles Liebe”

    Gundi Gaschler (Germany)

    Trainer & Book writer, Slovenia IIT 2019 participant

    “This was by far one of the greatest experiences in NVC for a long time. Really intense and powerfully transformative! We shared so much love, vulnerability, joy and tears togehter. Absolutely feeded my needs for learning, beeing seen and heard, companionship, integrity, love and so many more …”

    Markus Schafrath

    ICT expert & Trainer, Slovenia IIT 2019 participant

    “I enjoyed being in the IIT in Slovenia. The 10 days spent there brought a new awareness of deeper self connection, inner peace, learning, growth and adventure. I never witnessed such a lovely and amazing organizing team before which supported me to celebrate belonging, community, nourishment and care. I cant wait to attend another IIT in Slovenia.”

    Meshack Wachianga, (Kenya)

    Trainer & School Founder, Slovenia IIT 2019 participant

    “My 9-days Intensive training on non-violent communication with CNVC in Kranjska gora, Slovenia, was a beautiful journey to vulnerability, authenticity, discovering background of my core beliefs and patterns and travel above the dualism of wright and wrong. I felt strongly supported by warm-hearted people from all continents and trainers Kathleen Macferran, Robert Krzisnik, Vivet Alevi and Yoram Mosenzon. Organising team did an excellent job as well. They were extremly helpful, always present and very well connected with participants, trainers and among themselves.”

    Polona Siter Drnovšek (Slovenia)

    Trainer, Facilitator and Yoga Teacher, Slovenia IIT 2019 participant

    Tuition fee

    Tuition fee covers workshop materials, boklets and at least three workshop offered by the trainers per day.

    First Early Bird Price (registration before 3.2.2021)

    350 €

    Early Bird Price (registration before 3.5.2021)

    390 €

    Regular Price (registration 4.5.2021 and after)

    450 €

    You are invited to pay more, based on what you can afford to contribute. By contributing more you may enable some people, who can not afford to pay the full tuition, to join us. 

    If you have a burning desire to join us and you cannot afford paying the full tuition fee, please send us an e-mail and we will try to figure it out together. There may be some people wiling to contribute more in your behalf.

    4* apartmentS – TISA


    All rooms and furniture in 4* apartments are built with lot of care and special design to provide you best living experiences. We can also support people with special needs and disabilities.

    places in double bedrooms

    places in three bed bedrooms

    people to commute daily

    Double Bedroom

    4 * apartment double room

    • Shared Bathroom
    • Two Comfortable separate beds
    • Full board & coffe brakes included
    Price Per Week


    Three Bed Bedroom

    4 * apartment three bed bedroom

    • Shared Bathroom
    • Three beds in shared space
    • Full board & coffee brakes included


      Price Per Week


      Commute daily

      This option does not include overnight accommodation

      • Usage of seminar rooms and full workshops access
      • Lunch, dinner & coffee brakes included
      Price Per Week


      We have a limited number of places available.

      Prices are per person and and include 7 day accommodation of selected type and full board with carefully designed vegan menus with 3 meals per day.

      The tourist tax is not included in the price. For the year 2020 tourist tax price is 1,50 EUR per day. You will be invited to pay TT at the reception.

      You may use Slovene tourist voucher in the amount of 120.00 EUR for partial accommodation payment.  

      Food & Drink

      Full Board Meal Service

      Daily Seasonal Meals

      During the retreat you will be served three special designed vegan meals per day made mainly from fresh seasonal local resources and provided by local producers. Food ingredients will be carefully chosen to  further support the learning and transitioning process in 7-day common journey. Menus are simply and wisely selected. We will provide tea, coffee and simple snacks during our breaks. If you have any special diet please let us know, we will do our best to fulfill your special food requirements.

      Coffee, Tea, Water, & Snacks

      will be availiable at self service coffee breaks twice a day.

      Special Diet, Meat & Allergies

      If you may have a special diet or an allergy please let us know in advance so we can check the ability to provide proper meals for you. There is also available fridge and storage cabinets, if you want to bring some special food as extra. Meat or any animal based products of any kind will not be served from our side, yet you can provide your self with it from the store or bring it with you.

      “Some people use NVC to respond compassionately to themselves, some to create greater depth in their personal relationships, and still others to build effective relationships at work or in the political arena. Worldwide, NVC is used to mediate disputes and conflicts at all levels.”

      “NVC can be effectively applied at all levels of communication and in diverse situations: intimate relationships, families, schools, organizations and institutions, therapy and counseling, diplomatic and business negotiations, disputes and conflicts of any nature.”

      Marshall Rosenberg

      founder of NVC, CNVC



      Free WiFi

      is availiable at location free of charge.

      Free Parking

      is availiable in front of the venue.


      You can store limited amount of food in common refridgerator.

      Common space

      Dining room and seminar rooms are available for extra activities when not occupied by meals or workshops. 


      Printer will be aviliable on site for printing some materilas on request.

      Walk in nature

      There are many walking posibilities near the vilage and from the site.


      There is a eco natural swimming resort in several minutes car driving distance. Depending on weather swimming may be available.



      Registration and Reservation

      After filling in the registration form here, you will receive instructions for paying the non-refundable deposit of 150 EUR per person. The payment of the deposit confirms your interest in attending the event and secures your place at the event.

      Payments can be only made via bank transfer.

      We have a limited number of places/beds available.  You will be asked to make the deposit payment within 8 working days from your registration. If we do not receive your deposit payment, your place could be offered to another potential participant.

      Please note that the deposit is nonrefundable. If you change your plans, and do not join the event, then this deposit will cover the costs of reservation and will not be returned to you. If you want more support and reassurance about cancellation options,  we invite you to consider other strategies (travel or medical insurance, …).

      Final payment

      You will receive proforma invoice payment information for the difference between the deposit and the full price. Accommodation fee is payable directly to Organizers and Tuition fee is payable to Trainer organisation. We expect all fees to be paid by 13. September 2020 at latest.

      Cancellation Policy
      • Until 3.5.2020 we will refund full payment less the deposit (the deposit of 150 EUR / per person will not be refunded)
      • After 4.5.2020 no refunds are possible
      • At any time you can offer your place to another participant to different person without any cost , but please let us know if you decide so.
      • In case organizer will cancel the event by any reason you are entitled to a full refund.
      • In case you cannot join the event due to law or the travel restrictions  caused by epidemic situation, you are also entitled to a full refund. (You can check the list of countries entitled to enter Slovenia without quarantine or restrictions here.
      Have a Question?

      Get in touch with organizers


      Location, Logistics & Travel

      Here you find information on location, adress, how to get there, start nad end of the event and daily schedule.


      Tisa & Breza apartments in Ribnica na Pohorju

      Breza & Tisa apartments are located in beautiful natural surroundings in Ribniško Pohorje. It is located just 44 km from Maribor, the second biggest city in Slovenia and just several km away from Austrian border. The accommodation has been carefully selected and already hosted SIT events this year.

      Surrounded by colorful meadows, an intermittent lake, natural bridges, mystical underground world, streams and magical forests the region offers plenty opportunities for discovering natural and cultural heritage of the region.


      Draft daily schedule

      7:30 – 8:30 Morning sessions & offerings
      8:45 – 9:30 Breakfast
      10:00 – 13:00 Morning session 1. (will include an opening, exploration of concepts, practice in small groups or break out sessions, large group dialogue
      13:00 -14:00 Lunch
      14:00 – 14 :30 Free time
      14:30 -16:30 Session 2.
      15:30 – 16:15 Break
      16:15 -18:15 Session 3. Home group dialogue
      18:15 – 19:00 Community gathering/integration practice
      19:00 – 20:00 Supper/Dinner
      20:00 – 20:30 – Break / Free time
      20:30 – 22:30 Evening session 4. & offerings

      Please note that the daily schedule is subject to change.

      Start and end of the event

      Arrival time: please arrive between 15.00 – 17.30 hrs on first day.

      Dinner will be served from 18:00 till 19:30

      The opening circle will start at 20:00.

      Departure: the retreat ends with lunch on last day. Lunch will be served from 13:00 till 14:00 o clock.

      Getting there

      By plane:
      Nearest Airports are :
      Jože Pučnik Ljubljana, Graz, Austria or Zagreb, Croatia.

      Use of train or bus is available to the city Podvelka near by- There are som bus lines toward Ribnica na Pohorju available but they are rare. We can organize shuttle service to the venue location at affordable price. 

      By Bus:
      From Ljubljana or Maribor to train or bus station in city Podvelka. There are regular buses everyday. 

      For more information and timetables in regard to busses from Ljubljana to Podcerkev, please visit: https://www.ap-ljubljana.si/en/

      As you arrive to Podcerkev, the hostel is in walking distance from the bus station.

      By Car:
      Use navigation system to the address povided below.


      Ribnica na Pohorju 22b,

      SI – 2364 Ribnica na Pohorju

      Slovenia – EU


      Short trips or visits

      Will be aviliable soon.

      Take the Early Bird Price and register soon

      Places are available!

      Registrations are open …

      +386 68 176 373
      DobroBit, z.o.o., Samova 40, 2204 Miklavž na Dravskem polju